Personal Beliefs of Hae Lee’s Case

It took me a very long time to come up with the decision to believe if Adnan was guilty or not.  There was not enough actual evidence provided for me to easily have a decision.  My decision could be changed with any new evidence that would lead to Adnan’s being guilty or not guilty.

This is the most arguable topic that I have ever been a part of and I wanted to keep my mind open to both possibilities of him being guilty or not guilty, but since I must choose one side, I believe more in the fact that he is not guilty.

The first reason I do not believe in Adnan’s guilt is because of the kind of person people described him as.  His family members would be a bit biased to what kind of person they thought he was, mostly because they did not know that he did many things that they did not know about, like him smoking weed a lot.  But when all of Adnan’s friends explained what kind of a person he was it was a little more believable.  They described him as a handsome and popular guy and was very likeable.  He was also known to be a kind person and was never described as an angry person.  This makes it very hard to believe that a person with these qualities would have the ability to murder someone just for the motive of Hae being his ex- girlfriend.  Although I do not know first hand what kind of person he was or what his feelings were so I can only assume these qualities.

Another reason That I believe Adnan is not guilty is because of Jay’s stories.  I find Jay very suspicious with having many points in his stories being proved wrong.  The different stories that him and his girlfriend had about who called the house and when.  Also, his story about hiding at the video store and that the cops came, which was proved wrong.  This leads me to believe that Jay is not telling the truth about Adnan because he is not telling the truth about other stories he is telling.  Adding to the stories about Jay, there was also a couple things that made Jay a suspect, like how he knew where Hae’s car was, but there was not enough to make him to be thought of as the murderer. But because of his lying I believe there is more to the story that he is not telling anyone and it would make the truth a lot easier to find.

The last reason that I have to believe that Adnan is not guilty is that there are too many possibilities of other potential suspects and who actually was the murderer and combined with my other points about his innocence there is still a chance that one of the other suspects did it and not Adnan.  An example is Jay, as previously mentioned, another is Don the current boyfriend of Hae when she was murdered and there was some evidence of him potentially being the murderer.  Also, one other suspect was Ronald, the man who was known for committing many crimes was just released from jail that day nearby, but unfortunately it was discovered that he had committed suicide a couple years before finding out about him.  With evidence of these people being a potential suspect, I am only left to believe it could have been any of them and not Adnan.

With the points of Adnan not being known as a bad person, Jay’s not matching stories, and all the other potential suspects, this has lead to believe in Adnan’s innocence.  As I stated before though, this is only my opinion based on what is known to me and what evidence I could find and my opinion could be changed with a single piece of new evidence that would prove Adnan’s guiltiness.



Koenig, Sarah. Serial. Audio blog post. 28 July 2017.




My Own Personal Response To The Serial Podcast Episode One

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I thought the content of the podcast was very interesting, but I did not fully enjoy the fact that it was a podcast.  The story of the murder of Hae Min Lee and who committed the murder was sad but intriguing to find out what really happened that day and who actually is telling the truth of what happened.  It made it easy to want to continue listening because the story continues to be pushed forward at a fast pace with new knowledge of the case coming one after the other.  The only thing that I personally did not like, is that the story was made as podcast though, because I prefer to read rather than listen to someone else talk.

I prefer to read, rather than listen because when I am listening to someone else it makes it a lot more difficult to stay focused on what the speaker is saying.  I can look around  while I am listening to something and that results in me becoming distracted and losing focus.  On the other hand, reading you have to look at the book and unless I hear something, I don’t get distracted.  The only advantage I see in listening to a podcast, is you can actually hear the emotion of the author and makes it a bit easier to understand what the author feels about a certain situation.

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Using a podcast to present this investigation I think works effectively for people who enjoy to listen to podcasts because it, as I said before, makes it easier for what the author feels about the situation because of her tone of voice.  It also makes the story more intriguing in a way, because of the music that will start escalating when a new big point in the case is revealed or when there is a twist to something that happened.  Using the benefits of being able to add extra audio and the ability to have a tone of voice, the podcast works effectively to pull people into the story and want to continue listening to find out what happens next.

The effectiveness of this podcast has made itself a very popular podcast and has been listened to by many people.  I have not heard the whole podcast, so I do not know the conclusion of the story, but I believe that the victims family would at first not be very happy because, for all they know justice has been served with Adnon in jail and now they are just bringing it up again for everyone to hear.  Unless it is found out that someone else did the crime, or was involved, the story does not have many benefits for the victims family.

A big issue that occurs in the podcast, is that it is hard for everyone to remember the exact events of what happened that day.  Koenig discusses this challenge to make sure the listeners understand that it is truly difficult to remember the exact details from certain days in the past.  I can not even fully remember what I did yesterday, so that makes it easy for me to understand what these people are going through, trying to remember exactly what happened that day.  Also, think of the pressure everyone is under, they are telling this info to police officers or judges, that puts a lot of pressure and someone and can make them hesitate and forget things.  The only concern that is raised for me from this information is that what people say they did that day could have been the day before or any other time before the murder and they just do not fully remember.

Overall, I think this podcast about Hae Min Lee’s murder is a very well made podcast and is very intriguing.  It uses the advantages of podcasts to help draw people into the story and want to listen more and more.  I personally do not like podcasts because I am not able to completely focus on them, but I still believe that this is truly a well made podcast.  It managed to talk about an investigation while being very interesting.  The only issue that made me and makes other second guess what is being told, is that it is hard for everyone to remember exactly what happened that day.  The issue that effected only certain people, was the family of the victim, I believe that this podcast was just bringing the story back up for more to hear, and unless it revealed more to what actually happened, then it had no benefit for the family.

Archetypal Literary View Of The Professor And The Madman

The Professor and the Madman is a story about Dr. William Minor and his life during when he helped James Murray with making the Oxford English Dictionary by volunteering and contributing to thousands of definitions, while being held in an asylum for the criminally insane.  Dr. William Minor was an army war surgeon and had to retire due to mental illness and was put in an asylum.  After being released he moved to Europe where he traveled around by train.  While in England, one night he woke up and thought he saw a person and grabbed a gun and chased the person out of his hotel and onto the streets and then shot who he thought was the person in his room.  But, as it turns out, it was not the person he thought was in his room.  After the murder he committed he was put in court and found not guilty due to being mentally ill.  Instead of being found guilty and going to jail he was found not guilty, but got sent to an asylum for the criminally insane.  This is the start of how Dr. William Minor became the biggest contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Dr. William Minor

The journey of the main character, Dr. William Minor, does not really seem to take on the hero archetype, but I believe that he fits most of the role.  The only difference I think is that he is not saving the world or anyone’s lives by defeating some type of evil that is threatening others.  But he is helping, not saving them, and the evil he has to overcome is himself with his mental illness.  I think that it makes it hard to realize that he takes on this hero role because it is a non-fiction, while almost every story that has a hero is fiction and is about events that would never take place on earth due to the impossible aspects of the stories, like magic, aliens and on and on.

Dr. Minor’s journey begins by the reader being told he was a American army surgeon, which is the hero staring in his everyday life.  Then, the first phase of the journey begins when he moves to England to try and get rid of his “demons”, and there he ends up shooting a man, by the name of George Merret, thinking it was someone who was trying to kill him in his sleep.  As a result of the murder he committed, he went to court and there it was decided that he was not guilty due to, as what a yard detective explained as, “Insane” (Winchester 18).  Not being guilty relates to him being “insane” because if you were considered to be highly mentally ill then you could not be found guilty for the crime that person committed but would need to be sent to a mental asylum.  Moving from his everyday life to the mental asylum is that switch into the second phase of the journey and when having to overcome adversity starts to take place.

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Asylum for the criminally insane


Second phase of the journey begins by Dr. Minor moving to the mental asylum.  This is the rising action of the story, just without the action.  This is when Dr. Minor starts to face tests, gain allies, and discover the adversity he has to overcome.  The allies that Dr. Minor makes are the guards that he becomes friends with.  Becoming friends with the guards provides him with more freedom because they let him do things like letting him read, when they do not do that with other patients.  The tests and adversity he has to overcome are himself and the mental illness he bears.  The actions like “he would accuse people of trying to break into his room the night before, trying to molest him.” (Winchester 19) and how he thought “Evil men were trying to insert metallic biscuits, coated with poison, in his mouth”. (Winchester 19).  Then while facing his tests, the wife of the man he shot, Eliza Merret, came to tell him that she forgave him and from then on they would have sessions when they would talk together.  Then one time she came with a book and then started to come with more books.  While reading all the books that Eliza Merret, this is when Dr. Minor found an advertisement for the need of volunteers  to help make the dictionary and that is the start of how he started contributing.  This part of the journey is him meeting his mentor, who is the Eliza Merret, and how she shows him down the right path that helps him overcome his adversity and do what he was meant to do.
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Oxford English Dictionary

Dr. William Minors journey does not end with that and still has the climax and conclusion of his story to be told that include many archetypes or deepen current archetypes already shown.  With his allies and his mentor, overcoming his evil has become easier to deal with, but still needs to be beaten or controlled.  The story may have the archetype of overcoming the monster, the monster being his mental illness, and being able to live somewhat of a normal life somehow.  But that is only based off of the archetype that is in most fiction stories so it could be different.


Grade 12 University English Mandatory for University?

Currently it is mandatory to take and pass grade twelve English university level in order to be accepted into a university program.  The question is, should this be mandatory for all university programs?Image result for kids writing

Basic knowledge learned from English is essential to function in society and that is why it is required to be taught throughout elementary school.  Then, in high school is when you start to learn more about writing essays and fixing and adding the smaller details.  Which learning to write proper essays is important for learning how to teach knowledge or talk about topics in large paragraphs.

But the most important part about this, is do we need that next step in English, grade twelve university, to properly write and read for all university programs?

I personally believe that it should not be absolutely mandatory for all university programs and should mainly be encouraged and only mandatory for the programs that are actually English based.  For example, if you want to become a journalist, it would definitely be mandatory to take grade twelve university English.  Then there is programs like engineering which is based on math and science and has nothing that grade 12 English would be needed for.Image result for journalist

I have experienced the fact that for a lot of people English is a very tough course to take, and can really make a bad impact on certain people who are very good in other subjects.  For example, I am interested in math and science and do fairly well in those courses, but I am not very good at the English course, which shows how I am good at other subjects but not so much in English.  Luckily for me I am able to keep up with the university level course, but if I was someone who could not and was college level I could not go to university for engineering because I am bad at writing essays for annotating text, when I may be really good at math and science which engineering is based of from.  In situations like this, that is why I think it should not be mandatory.

Another example why it being mandatory could affect someone planning to go to university for something that has nothing to do with English, is a persons average.  I have experienced this problem personally, I usually have mid-high 80’s in all my courses but then have a low 70 in English which greatly lowers my average and certain university programs that don’t involve English in them require you to have a certain average and if someone does not reach that average mainly based off of their English mark, then I believe that is truly biased against that person.

Many people may believe that it is very important to learn the literacy skills and communication skills taught in the university English courses, which may be true, but I believe that taking grade 11 university English is enough to be able to write essays or paragraphs or articles you may write in the future without having that extra knowledge taught in grade 12 university English.

Also in certain courses that may involve different styles of writing, like a scientific article, are taught in those courses or programs.  For example, in my biology class I learned how to properly write and annotate an article, and in my chemistry class I learned how to write a lab report.  This shows that how even though there may be writing in some courses that you do not need an English course to teach you about.

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In conclusion, I believe that grade 12 university English may be a good course to take, but I do not believe that it should be mandatory because of how it can be irrelevant to many university programs and can be biased on a persons average and ability to to get into a program that does not involve English.