Personal Beliefs of Hae Lee’s Case

It took me a very long time to come up with the decision to believe if Adnan was guilty or not.  There was not enough actual evidence provided for me to easily have a decision.  My decision could be changed with any new evidence that would lead to Adnan’s being guilty or not guilty.

This is the most arguable topic that I have ever been a part of and I wanted to keep my mind open to both possibilities of him being guilty or not guilty, but since I must choose one side, I believe more in the fact that he is not guilty.

The first reason I do not believe in Adnan’s guilt is because of the kind of person people described him as.  His family members would be a bit biased to what kind of person they thought he was, mostly because they did not know that he did many things that they did not know about, like him smoking weed a lot.  But when all of Adnan’s friends explained what kind of a person he was it was a little more believable.  They described him as a handsome and popular guy and was very likeable.  He was also known to be a kind person and was never described as an angry person.  This makes it very hard to believe that a person with these qualities would have the ability to murder someone just for the motive of Hae being his ex- girlfriend.  Although I do not know first hand what kind of person he was or what his feelings were so I can only assume these qualities.

Another reason That I believe Adnan is not guilty is because of Jay’s stories.  I find Jay very suspicious with having many points in his stories being proved wrong.  The different stories that him and his girlfriend had about who called the house and when.  Also, his story about hiding at the video store and that the cops came, which was proved wrong.  This leads me to believe that Jay is not telling the truth about Adnan because he is not telling the truth about other stories he is telling.  Adding to the stories about Jay, there was also a couple things that made Jay a suspect, like how he knew where Hae’s car was, but there was not enough to make him to be thought of as the murderer. But because of his lying I believe there is more to the story that he is not telling anyone and it would make the truth a lot easier to find.

The last reason that I have to believe that Adnan is not guilty is that there are too many possibilities of other potential suspects and who actually was the murderer and combined with my other points about his innocence there is still a chance that one of the other suspects did it and not Adnan.  An example is Jay, as previously mentioned, another is Don the current boyfriend of Hae when she was murdered and there was some evidence of him potentially being the murderer.  Also, one other suspect was Ronald, the man who was known for committing many crimes was just released from jail that day nearby, but unfortunately it was discovered that he had committed suicide a couple years before finding out about him.  With evidence of these people being a potential suspect, I am only left to believe it could have been any of them and not Adnan.

With the points of Adnan not being known as a bad person, Jay’s not matching stories, and all the other potential suspects, this has lead to believe in Adnan’s innocence.  As I stated before though, this is only my opinion based on what is known to me and what evidence I could find and my opinion could be changed with a single piece of new evidence that would prove Adnan’s guiltiness.



Koenig, Sarah. Serial. Audio blog post. 28 July 2017.




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