My Own Personal Response To The Serial Podcast Episode One

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I thought the content of the podcast was very interesting, but I did not fully enjoy the fact that it was a podcast.  The story of the murder of Hae Min Lee and who committed the murder was sad but intriguing to find out what really happened that day and who actually is telling the truth of what happened.  It made it easy to want to continue listening because the story continues to be pushed forward at a fast pace with new knowledge of the case coming one after the other.  The only thing that I personally did not like, is that the story was made as podcast though, because I prefer to read rather than listen to someone else talk.

I prefer to read, rather than listen because when I am listening to someone else it makes it a lot more difficult to stay focused on what the speaker is saying.  I can look around  while I am listening to something and that results in me becoming distracted and losing focus.  On the other hand, reading you have to look at the book and unless I hear something, I don’t get distracted.  The only advantage I see in listening to a podcast, is you can actually hear the emotion of the author and makes it a bit easier to understand what the author feels about a certain situation.

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Using a podcast to present this investigation I think works effectively for people who enjoy to listen to podcasts because it, as I said before, makes it easier for what the author feels about the situation because of her tone of voice.  It also makes the story more intriguing in a way, because of the music that will start escalating when a new big point in the case is revealed or when there is a twist to something that happened.  Using the benefits of being able to add extra audio and the ability to have a tone of voice, the podcast works effectively to pull people into the story and want to continue listening to find out what happens next.

The effectiveness of this podcast has made itself a very popular podcast and has been listened to by many people.  I have not heard the whole podcast, so I do not know the conclusion of the story, but I believe that the victims family would at first not be very happy because, for all they know justice has been served with Adnon in jail and now they are just bringing it up again for everyone to hear.  Unless it is found out that someone else did the crime, or was involved, the story does not have many benefits for the victims family.

A big issue that occurs in the podcast, is that it is hard for everyone to remember the exact events of what happened that day.  Koenig discusses this challenge to make sure the listeners understand that it is truly difficult to remember the exact details from certain days in the past.  I can not even fully remember what I did yesterday, so that makes it easy for me to understand what these people are going through, trying to remember exactly what happened that day.  Also, think of the pressure everyone is under, they are telling this info to police officers or judges, that puts a lot of pressure and someone and can make them hesitate and forget things.  The only concern that is raised for me from this information is that what people say they did that day could have been the day before or any other time before the murder and they just do not fully remember.

Overall, I think this podcast about Hae Min Lee’s murder is a very well made podcast and is very intriguing.  It uses the advantages of podcasts to help draw people into the story and want to listen more and more.  I personally do not like podcasts because I am not able to completely focus on them, but I still believe that this is truly a well made podcast.  It managed to talk about an investigation while being very interesting.  The only issue that made me and makes other second guess what is being told, is that it is hard for everyone to remember exactly what happened that day.  The issue that effected only certain people, was the family of the victim, I believe that this podcast was just bringing the story back up for more to hear, and unless it revealed more to what actually happened, then it had no benefit for the family.


One thought on “My Own Personal Response To The Serial Podcast Episode One

  1. I agree with you that the victim’s family wouldn’t like the podcast because they might believe that Adnan is guilty, yet the podcast makes the public think otherwise. I also think that this podcast can remind the family of the tragedy of losing Hae Min Lee. As the podcast gains popularity, the case is also gaining more public attention. However, do you think reinvestigating the case is beneficial to both Adnan and the victim’s family, since the investigation might find out that Adnan isn’t guilty? Or do you believe that Sarah Koenig should have left this case alone, for the victim’s family?


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