Currently it is mandatory to take and pass grade twelve English university level in order to be accepted into a university program.  The question is, should this be mandatory for all university programs?Image result for kids writing

Basic knowledge learned from English is essential to function in society and that is why it is required to be taught throughout elementary school.  Then, in high school is when you start to learn more about writing essays and fixing and adding the smaller details.  Which learning to write proper essays is important for learning how to teach knowledge or talk about topics in large paragraphs.

But the most important part about this, is do we need that next step in English, grade twelve university, to properly write and read for all university programs?

I personally believe that it should not be absolutely mandatory for all university programs and should mainly be encouraged and only mandatory for the programs that are actually English based.  For example, if you want to become a journalist, it would definitely be mandatory to take grade twelve university English.  Then there is programs like engineering which is based on math and science and has nothing that grade 12 English would be needed for.Image result for journalist

I have experienced the fact that for a lot of people English is a very tough course to take, and can really make a bad impact on certain people who are very good in other subjects.  For example, I am interested in math and science and do fairly well in those courses, but I am not very good at the English course, which shows how I am good at other subjects but not so much in English.  Luckily for me I am able to keep up with the university level course, but if I was someone who could not and was college level I could not go to university for engineering because I am bad at writing essays for annotating text, when I may be really good at math and science which engineering is based of from.  In situations like this, that is why I think it should not be mandatory.

Another example why it being mandatory could affect someone planning to go to university for something that has nothing to do with English, is a persons average.  I have experienced this problem personally, I usually have mid-high 80’s in all my courses but then have a low 70 in English which greatly lowers my average and certain university programs that don’t involve English in them require you to have a certain average and if someone does not reach that average mainly based off of their English mark, then I believe that is truly biased against that person.

Many people may believe that it is very important to learn the literacy skills and communication skills taught in the university English courses, which may be true, but I believe that taking grade 11 university English is enough to be able to write essays or paragraphs or articles you may write in the future without having that extra knowledge taught in grade 12 university English.

Also in certain courses that may involve different styles of writing, like a scientific article, are taught in those courses or programs.  For example, in my biology class I learned how to properly write and annotate an article, and in my chemistry class I learned how to write a lab report.  This shows that how even though there may be writing in some courses that you do not need an English course to teach you about.

Image result for scientist writing

In conclusion, I believe that grade 12 university English may be a good course to take, but I do not believe that it should be mandatory because of how it can be irrelevant to many university programs and can be biased on a persons average and ability to to get into a program that does not involve English.





4 thoughts on “Grade 12 University English Mandatory for University?

  1. This was an interesting post especially because I have a different view on this subject. I do want to point out one thing, though. You mentioned that your biology class taught you how to write a scientific article and that one wouldn’t need an English course because of it, but I think that without the basis of an English course it will be challenging to write a professional scientific article or other writings in science departments for that matter. Otherwise, I think you have good arguments here!

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  2. Although I disagree with your view on this subject, you made some interesting points about the lowering of your average. I feel as if everyone has a course that lowers their average, however I don’t think this creates bias in university because although some may do well in math, this doesn’t create bias towards those who do well, this just means they do well. Other than that you made some really good points on this post!


  3. Hey! You commented on my blog so here I am! I love your article. And I see how we made similar points. Lovely article. Also, in your first paragraph you state that it is “mandatory to take and pass grade twelve English university level in order to be accepted into a university program” which I don’t believe is true, I think it’s just very very very rare.


  4. I have a different view on the topic but you make strong valid points on your side. I do agree on the fact that this course may lower the average for those who aren’t strong in this subject field. You did however mention that you wouldn’t need an English course to write a scientific article but I think that having the knowledge you would gain from this course would improve how you write!! Other than this you have very strong points on your view on this topic!!


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